The Settlers (Capridians)

Plane: Feywild
Planet: Elasik
Race: Capridian (Settlers)

Breaking off from their fellow Capridians (Searchers), the Settlers have defied the command of their gods and have embraced magic. Their natural magical aptitude has made them very popular in arcane circles. This has lead to their people holding prominent and numerous positions in the Academy despite their small numbers.

Up until 50 years ago, the Settlers had been content to merely be advisory members of the Planar Confederation due to their small numbers. But with their magical aptitude helping the Confederation there was a movement to push themselves up to part-members of the Confederation, thus gaining a half-vote in confederation decision making. Though the numbers of the vote were never disclosed, it was rumored to be an even split with the Warren of Derringer’s half-vote breaking the tie, allowing the Settlers to become part-members. Now a new push had begun to gain full membership though the other races are nowhere near ready to allow that to happen as they are still wary of how quickly the Settlers seem to be amassing political power.

Though most Settlers are frustrated by what seems to them to be a slight to their contributions, most are content to let the political process run its course. But some view the slight in a different light. One such group are the magical elitist sect, The Hicasters. They view magic as the highest of pursuits one can seek out, and since the Settlers are the most naturally gifted in the arcane arts, that the Searchers would feature prominently in their ideal magocracy. The Hicasters seek to tip the balance in favor of the Settlers, to force the Planar Confederation not only to give them a voting stake but also give their people an advantage that would force the Confederation to bend to the Hicasters’ view of what is proper governance. To fund their activities, they have turned heavily to trafficking ephemeroids and crystal manaphetamines throughout the Confederation.

Opposing the Hicasters are the Puresouls of Truth. The Puresouls have returned to the worship their people’s historical (and dead) god, He Who Refused. Started by the former sculptor Solsta, they believe they have been given a holy calling by He Who Refused to bring their people back to the ancient ways. They believe the extreme magical affinity their people have is not a sign of strength but weakness, as magic was not intended for their people’s use and the affinity leads to extreme slothfulness and dependence upon the arcane. They have dealt several blows to the Hicasters’ ephemeroids and crystal manaphetamines business. While they look down upon practicioners of magic, they tolerate other races using magic as they don’t believe the ban on magic extends outside of their race. But those who encourage use of magic within their culture, whether Settler or not, are fair game as far as the Puresouls are concerned.

The Settlers (Capridians)

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