The Qu’tI’ith (Githzerai)

The Qu’tI’ith are a large civilization of Githzerai. The race is an ascetic society that focuses on disciplining yourself above all else. All status within the society are achieved by merit. Inherited titles mean nothing to them and the thought of divine right is downright laughable. They, like their Githyanki counterparts, were once a slave race to the Mind Flayer Empire. They adapted and eventually developed psionic natures to withstand the Mind Flayers’ mental controls. As such, the entire race is slightly psionic. Their language, Gi’THi is partly vocal and psionic in nature, mixing auditory sound with “psychic” impressions they emit. For this reason, other races are completely unable to speak to them in their own language without being psionic.

The Qu’tI’ith put a great emphasis on personal independence and discipline. A child takes their father’s title until they earn one of their own. Such titles are earned through their deeds and endeavors during their spiritual treks. They take these treks alone, seeking to better themselves through study, personal sacrifice, physical exertion, and inward reflection. If a Qu’tI’ith still retains his father’s title a few years passed adulthood, that member is viewed as a disappointment.

Oftentimes a group of Qu’tI’ith will form an adventuring party to go into the Underdark and other various potential lairs of Mind Flayers and try to cull their numbers. Such groups are known as Flayer Hunts and before embarking the group swears an oath to not return until they have slain one more Mind Flayer than the total number of the original party size. It was actually such a team of Flayer Hunters that originally brought the Planar Confederation into contact with the Qu’tI’ith.

Roughly 350 years after the Outsider invasion of Chafesek, the Moradinic theocracy of Slatehammer had been losing mining companies in the Shallows (the area where the caves of the surface world connect with the Underdark). Months later, such more mining companies began disappearing, with evidence suggesting that they had been attacked by the previously missing mining companies. The Slatehammers sent search parties to investigate but no evidence turned up, that is the search parties that returned never found evidence. Many of the search parties disappeared. It was soon thereafter that a Flayer Hunter party showed up.

Most of the dwarves had never seen a Githzerai, and the higher-ups in the theocracy had been preaching that psionic were physical manifestations of the Far Realms corruption, so to say that the Flayer Hunters were welcomed would be a gross lie. For centuries the dwarves had been ritually putting down psionics, seeing it as a merciful way to sever their souls from the Far Realm’s taint (and most psionics went along with it for they believed themselves to be cursed). But the Qu’tI’ith were insisting that the Slatehammers had a Mind Flayer problem and with such a terrible threat they weren’t about to turn away help. Despite their misgivings about psionics, the Slatehammers gave the Qu’tI’ith full passage and warriors to assist them on their quest.

Within two months they had rooted out the Mind Flayer problem, though they never uncovered the purpose of the attacks. The Qu’tI’ith guessed that the Mind Flayers were trying to amass an army of dwarves under their mind control so that they could have them storm in on their own people and take over the considerable wealth of mithral and other ores the Slatehammers dealt in, but it couldn’t be proven.

The Slatehammers offered to pay the Qu’tI’ith a reward for their services (and to hastily get them out of their kingdom), but the Qu’tI’ith abhorred displays of wealth and refused payment in any sort of precious metal. Instead they made a demand: to stop the ritual “mercy killings” of psionics and to deliver their psionics to them in the Elemental Chaos. The Slatehammers were not happy as they viewed the embracing of the Far Realm’s taint as a sin, but ultimately they compromised and would allow their psionics the choice of the mercy killings or to go and study with the Qu’tI’ith.

Despite the secretive Slatehammers’ attempt to quell the rumors of their problems, word spread about the Mind Flayers and the Qu’tI’ith to the rest of the Confederation. Psionics from all corners of the Confederation started seeking out the Qu’tI’ith to learn how to harness their power. Enough members from the various races started joining that it started to be suggested that the Qu’tI’ith should be offered membership into the Confederation. They offered a new area of expertise, a presence on a completely different plane, seemed to get along decently with other races, and seemed to share a concern for extra-planar threats (although they focused on Mind Flayers instead of the Outsiders). Despite the Slatehammers objections, part-membership was offered. The Qu’tI’ith though do not trust easily and did not want to take on more responsibility with parties they didn’t fully trust or have full say in. They accepted part-membership on the condition that after 20 years they could either withdraw from the Confederation or be made full-members.

100 years had passed since that time and the Qu’tI’ith are full-members. Though still insular and independent, they have seen the benefits that the Alliance affords them. Tighter trade relations and shared defensive interests keep them together with very different races. In addition, they enjoy having the added opportunity to learn the arcane arts. Some Qu’tI’ith have taken to mixing their natural monk-attuned abilities with swordmage-influenced magic. These Psymages are the epitome of being the calm of the storm, using their arcane power to move the foe across the battlefield and then psionically turning their frustration against them.

The main city of the Qu’tI’ith is called Riq’lOr and is kept stable from the violent upheavals of the Elemental Chaos by powerful psionics focusing their abilities to keeping the local terrain in stasis. In order to do this they must be completely undisturbed and are kept in a room with no doors and no windows and only a single teleportation rune in the center to keep the psionics fully immersed in the work of keeping their home safe. Should the psionics keeping the elemental chaos at bay ever be disturbed, the town would be swept away within a day or two. For this reason, to enter the room you have to go through a series of nine rooms with nine other teleportation runes in each room before getting to the true room where the psionic stasis occurs. Each rune has a different psychic emanation that must be used to get the rune to perform properly. Thus, the only way to get to the stasis chamber, you must be either invited, in control of one of the psionics who know the room, or a powerful enough that you can pierce the defenses of the stasis chamber and break through its walls.

The Qu’tI’ith (Githzerai)

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