Talon of the Raven (Raven Queen worshipers)

Plane: Shadowfel
Planet: Unknown
God of worship: The Raven Queen

With the help of Genkee Revian, the Talon of the Raven became the only member of the Confederation with a presence in the Shadowfel. The arrangement is mostly one of convenience as neither the Confederation not the Talon sees the other as necessary to the other’s existence. Mostly the two treat one another as well trusted informants. The Talon travels multiple planes as part of the war against Orcus’s hoards and Vecna’s cabals. As such they see and hear things no other group does. They forward their intelligence to the Confederation. In return, when undead threats pop up amongst the Confederate nations, the Talon is given intel as it could be part of a larger threat by Orcus or Vecna.

The relationship isn’t just business though. The Talon represents the worshipers of the Raven Queen throughout the Confederation. While the Talon was originally just a military operation, it has grown into an ecclesiastical role as well. The modern Talon is mostly religious in nature now, with a small (but efficiently dangerous) segment of it representing their martial efforts. Many of the foot soldiers start on the violent end, but as they start aging, move on into preaching rather than reaping. The first Church of the Raven Queen was established in the foothills between Derringer and the Thunderkeep, headed by the half-Elf cleric Nevari, an associate of Genkee Revian.

While the business-like nature between the Talon and other groups is rarely broached by more than respect, a rare warmth exists between the Talon and the Priesthood of Scholarship. The two groups have been crusading against Vecna separately for centuries and have exchanged enough intel and gone on enough joint missions that they view one another as true allies and not just contacts.

The Talon of the Raven is always lead by a single Prophet who gives the individual cells of the Talon their orders. The only thing known about the Prophet is he is always chosen from the individual cell leaders. How he is chosen or how he receives directions from the Raven Queen has never been a topic Talons are fond of talking about to outsiders. Even the location of the Prophet (and thus the exact location of the Talon’s base of operations) is a mystery to the other members of the Planar Confederation.

Talon of the Raven (Raven Queen worshipers)

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