Priesthood of Scholarship (Ioun worshipers)

Plane: Feywild
Planet: Elasik
God of Worship: Ioun

The Priesthood of Scholarship worships Ioun and focuses on her virtues of education and seeking of knowledge. It’s influence was purposely extended into the House of Il-Atrova as part of Lord Pashat’s arranged marriage with the high-priestess Naovorel to counteract the movement of Raven Queen worship. The influence of the Priesthood of Scholarship has created a very formal, well-educated society that extols those with degrees of higher learning.

Though Raven Queen worship has all but ceased within the walls of the Thunderkeep itself, the influence of the cult of the Raven Queen is felt within the Priesthood of Scholarship. One of the main tenants of the cult of Ioun is to spread knowledge liberally. One of the tenants of the cult of the Raven Queen is to accept death as a natural phase of life and do not seek to deny it. The two faiths thus share an enemy in the god of secrets and undead, Vecna. Because of the influence of the worshipers of the Raven Queen in the early reformation of the House of Il-Atrova, the Priesthood of Scholarship is the most ardent of all Ioun-worshippers when it comes to eliminating the influence of Vecna from the world.

Unlike his father and grandfather, Lord Desat has fully embraced the religion and is one of the more ardent followers of the Priesthood’s teachings.

Priesthood of Scholarship (Ioun worshipers)

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