The Warren of Derringer (Gnome)

Plane: Feywild
Planet: Elasik (near the House of Il-Atrova’s lands)
Race: Gnomes

The warren participated in the Fomorian Alliance War under the direction of the artificers Tomite and Albily. This was shortly followed by the civil war between Albily and Tomite.

The ancestral home of the great hero, Fatesickle Genkee Revian, they were easily convinced by the paladin to join into an alliance with the House of Il-Atrova. It has been quite beneficial to both parties as the House of Il-Atrova has greatly expanded the Gnomes’ sphere of influence while the Gnomes have added their illusory magics and artificion to the Academy.

Due to the influence of Genkee, the church of the Raven Queen spread through the warren, though Garl Glittergold remains a popular god of worship. This has lead to the odd mix of a culture that believes strongly in fate, embracing death as part of life, but laughing about it at the same time. Death itself is celebrated within the Warren just as warmly as a child’s birth and reaching the age of maturity. Indeed, the gnomes’ almost jovial embrace of death has creeped out many a traveler. But those who think the gnomes of Derringer seek out death would be mistaken as that would violate the doctrine of defying Fate by seeking death before your time.

Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in the combat golems of Tomite and Albily. Competitions have risen to prominence with Gnomes pitting their creations against one another. These so called, “Battle-maton” competitions have spread and are becoming popular throughout Gnome-kind.

The Warren of Derringer (Gnome)

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