Scarletsong Kingdom

Plane: Material
Planet: Oramis
Race: Tieflings

The Scarletsong Kingdom is the full member of the Planar Confederation to join without impetus of attack. Shortly after the Goliath Tribes admittance into the Confederation, the Tiefling kingdom reached out and offered to join. It was an impressive offer as the Scarletsong Kingdom was quite powerful. Although not rich in supplies it had a strong, manufacturing-based economy. It was a hotbed for culture and appreciated arcane magic just as much as the House of Il-Atrova. Along with a strong national military force, it seemed like a natural fit.

Initially the returns were great. With supplies coming in from all quarters the manufacturing increased. Scarletsong fashions began to permeate the Confederation, as did its music and art. For a few centuries it was the place to be for artisans of all types. Though expensive, it was said that if you could make it in Bloodsonnet City, the capital of the Scarletsong Kingdom, you could make it anywhere.

But the good times couldn’t last forever. As a country that depended a lot on appearances, the financial well-being of the Kingdom was overstated. Most of the royals were land-rich but dirt-poor and going into debt to keep up appearances. Initially the manufacturing hub of the Confederation, the other races learned the tricks of the trade and started doing cheaper production of items closer to home. As the manufacturing districts began to deteriorate, most of the commoners moved away from the capital into the untamed wilderness.

Far away from the central city, the royalty soon started losing sway over its people. While still the figure heads of their people, truly they hold no enforceable authority outside Bloodsonnet’s immediate area. The wilderness towns are as dangerous or safe as the citizens make it. Sheriffs instill as much law as they want. In some towns the sheriff is the shining example of what a lawman could be. In others they are the epitome of the dirty cop, working for the various gangs and consortiums that rule the towns.

The only real power the royalty still has are the Taxmen. Being so far away from the central authority, the royalty have no real way to collect taxes from the outlying towns. Because of that, technically, most everyone in the wilderness is guilty of tax evasion. When an individual or gang gets to be too much of a trouble, Taxmen enter the town with the full authority of the King to apprehend the desired target on tax evasion charges and whatever else they see them doing.

The Scarletsong Kingdom is the only power within the Confederation where there have been conversations about reducing their voting power rather than increase it. If the monarchy doesn’t figure out how to stabilize its economic situation soon, it could be a major blow for a once influential ally.

Scarletsong Kingdom

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