Kvarak Clutch

Plane: Material
Planet: S’kroa
Race: Bullywug

Normally violently territorial, the Kvarak Clutch are the exception of Bullywug culture. This is because they have been the unquestioned power of S’kroa for millennia. They had warred with other Bullywug clutches in the past but had long since eliminated them. Other than occasional kuo-toa attacks, they lived without intrusion and their violently territorial nature eventually disappeared from their nature.

But they were not weak. Their culture prized strength and in the harsh swamplands of S’kroa a strong warrior spirit was cultured. When the Searchers came to their plane they were at first cautious, but upon seeing them as not a threat, welcomed them to their world as a new curiosity. Their generous treatment of the plane-wanderers proved to their benefit when the Outsiders attacked their world. As the Bullywug gave the Outsiders far more trouble than their primitive culture should have, the Searchers were able to find the Planar Confederation. These new allies helped expel the threat and the Bullywug were grateful, pledging their allegiance to the Confederation.

Despite their large numbers, the Kvarak Clutch was only given part-member status in the Confederation due to their primitive nature. But thanks to the hard work of the Order of the Wall, their culture grew quickly and they were granted full-membership in just over a century.

Because of its lush, swampy forests, S’kroa is home to powerful timber businesses. Many logging companies compete for the services of stout, young Bullywug lumberjacks as they are better suited to perform their craft in the swamps (and many non-Bullywug find themselves falling ill to the so-called “frogman fever” that is transmitted from the mosquitoes in the swamp). Many Kvarak who worship their ancestral spirits decry the timber industry as displeasing the nature spirits they worship. A modern Bullywug movement known as the Timberland Vanguard have been conducting raids in an attempt to make the timber industry too expensive to conduct in S’kroa and expel them from their lands.

Kvarak Clutch

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