House of Il-Atrova (Eladrin)

Plane: Feywild
Planet: Elasik
Race: Eladrin

After his time adventuring, Lord Pashat Il-Atrova returned to his home to restore his kingdom. Using the technical expertise of the mysterious Frums, he integrated the Astral flight-tower (which was now more of a dimension-hopping castle) into the Thunderkeep. He and his ancestor, Vyrellis, then puzzled out a way to restore the House to its former glory. They decided to try and turn their dimension-hopping ability into a way of commerce.

Acting as an interdimensional “port” brought in business from many of the surrounding Eladrin houses that wished to peddle their business to a customer base that was previously inaccessible to them. Charging a toll for the use of the dimensional travel, Lord Pashat was able to garner the funds to reestablish the Academy of Arcane Arts that his family had been famous for in the past.

With his focus on the Academy, Lord Pashat turned to fellow Chaos Breakers to help him in other areas. He charged Fatesickle Genkee Revian with strengthening their ally base. The Raven Queen paladin went to the Gnomish warren-state of Derringer and brokered and alliance with them. Many respected Gnome illusomancers and artificers joined the faculty of the Academy, thus adding their disciplines to the Academy. But perhaps his most brilliant, and for an Eladrin most unorthodox, decision was to appoint the Dragonborn Ssi-ruk to be his Captain of the Guard. Bringing fellow members of the Clan of Flamefury to the Eladrin house, the Dragonborn established an unexpectedly tough martial force for an Eladrin house. Over the course of twenty years, the House of Il-Atrova had once again risen to prominence upon the Feywild world of Elasik.

As time passed Lord Pashat pushed more of the day-to-day operations of his House off onto competent servants so that he could focus on finding the Sorcerer that had originally murdered all of his House other than himself and Genkee Revian. It was during this time that the Fatesickle left without explanation. He would find out a year later that she had been called by the goddess of Fate on a mission for the Talon of the Raven Queen. Though a tad on the foolhardy side, this was a problem for the Eladrin lord as she was one of his more accomplished diplomats. Her absence pushed Vyrellis into the role as chief diplomat and negotiator for the House.

The change to Vyrellis as the diplomat proved beneficial as it helped strengthen Il-Atrovan relations with other Eladrin houses. Enrollment at the Academy swelled and trade through the Thunderkeep increased. It was during this time that Lord Pashat met with Ornlex, the silver dragon of Niketos, and convinced him to teach at the Academy for a time (during which tuition prices rose drastically as no other school of magic could claim a dragon was teaching there).

Five years after her sudden departure, Genkee returned from her travels through the Shadowfel with other Talons of the Raven Queen. She had returned with evidence of the Sorcerer’s whereabouts. Given that the trail had gone cold for decades, Lord Pashat seized on the opportunity, and with Genkee predictably coming with him to see to it that the Sorcerer met the fate the Raven Queen had prescribed for him, went hunting for the Sorcerer. It turned out that his family had been murdered by Uchiha Itachi. He did not return to the Thunderkeep for a full year. Though he did not publicize it, it was rumored he had avenged his family, though only he and Genkee know the full truth.

Upon their return, Genkee set about creating an intelligence gathering organization for the House. She heavily recruited and instructed Gnomes from Derringer in the was of being a Fatesickle of the Raven Queen. Although Lord Pashat enjoyed the benefits of having a large platoon of sneaky, yet heavily armed Gnomes at his command, he did not like the side-effects. Emphasizing the doctrine of fate, Genkee and her brothers and sisters began spreading the gospel of the Raven Queen throughout the Thunderkeep. The irreligious Lord of the Thunderkeep didn’t really like that the one religion that was gaining traction in his lands was that of the goddess of death.

He tried to force Genkee to stop spreading the word of the Raven Queen, but she was nothing if not stubborn. Those familiar with the peculiarities of Genkee half-suspected this to be some sort of passive-aggressive plot to force Pashat to adopt an official religion as she had, over the years, voiced her displeasure at living in a godless kingdom. If that was her goal, it worked as Pashat didn’t want his house to be known as a House of Death. He entered into an arranged marriage with an Eladrin high-priestess of Ioun named Naovorel, with the understanding that she would make her foremost task to spread the church of Ioun within their house. It was noted that after his marriage, Genkee stopped actively spreading the church of the Raven Queen within the Thunderkeep.

It was around this time that King Gabriel reached out to Lord Pashat in an effort to form an alliance. Impressed by the efficiency with which King Gabriel had spread his kingdom but wary that he might be wanting to extend his kingdom to the Feywild, Lord Pashat started with simple trade agreements. After a few years Lord Pashat felt confident that Gabriel was satisfied with the lands he had and formally made an Alliance with the fellow Chaos Breaker. Thus the Planar Confederation was born with the Grand Kingdom of Niketos and House of Il-Atrova as its full members with the vassal states of Niketos and the Derringer Warren as part-members.

Genkee and Ssi-ruk were dispatched to Niketos to act as formal representatives for Derringer and Il-Atrova, helping to establish a military protocols in case of extra-planar threats. Most of the legends of the supposed confederation-wide intelligence organization known as Keystone centers around these meetings that also included Sir Timothy. More colorful versions of the story also include Ornlex, high priests of the Platinum Monetary, and even the mysterious shifter Flint.

Around the time of King Gabriel’s death, nearly 65 years after the Outsider invasion, Pashat and Naovorel had their first child, a son named Lesat. Over the next hundred and fifty years of his life, Pashat would split his time between his duties as Lord of Il-Atrova, training his son to take his duties, acting as the defacto elder of the Planar Confederation, and teaching at the Academy. During this same time, Ssi-ruk would pass on, his duties passing down to those he trained. To this day, the every Il-Atrovan captain-of-the-guard can trace their tutelage back to Ssi-ruk. Shortly after the death of Ssi-ruk, Genkee disappears from the historical records. Whether or not anyone, even Lord Pashat, knows what happened to her is unclear.

A year after Naovorel passed away, Pashat turned over full duties of ruling the House of Il-Atrova to Lesat. Confident his House was in competent hands, Pashat left for the Astral Sea seeking to find the Astrals and spend his twilight years amongst them. It was during Lesat’s tenure as Lord that the Searchers found the House of Il-Atrova. Their travels had recently taken them to the plane of S’kroa, a swamp-like world ruled by the Kvarak Clutch, a primitive but strong Bullywug tribe. Unusually amenable to other species for Bullywug, the Searchers had developed a good relationship with the locals, a welcome change of pace given their treatment at the hands of the blood clans of Xendakar. When Outsiders attacked S’kroa, the Searchers tried to escape. As fate would have it, they escaped to the Feywild and specifically to the world Elasik. Knowing the history of the goat-men, Lesat was able to reach out to them and learned of the Outsider attack.

Together with Queen Slera the Petalblade of Niketos, Lord Lesat rallied the Planar Confederation to S’kroa and helped the Kvarak Clutch defend their world. Successfully repelling the Outsider attack without the aid of the Astrals, the worth of the Confederation was proven to the warrior-like Kvarak. They pledged their strength to the Confederation and joined its ranks as a part-member.

After the incident many of the Searchers, spurned on by little evidence of finding their god and tired of moving from plane to plane, decided to renounce the old ways. They proclaimed themselves “settlers”, wanting to remain in the fey wild and learn magic. The Searchers wanted to purge the settlers for heresy but Lesat wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen within his lands. He forcibly expelled the Searchers and allowed the settlers to settle at the edges of Il-Atrovan territory.

Nowadays the House of Il-Atrova is run by Pashat’s grandson, Lord Desat. The Academy has become quite the menagerie of students: Eladrin, Elves, Humans, Gnomes, Dragonborn, Githzerai, Tiefling, settlers, halflings, dwarves, a smattering of goliaths, and even a few Bullywug. Desat, reading his grandfather’s journal of his adventuring days, became interested in the crystal mana of Xendakar as a substitute for residium in fueling the Thunderkeep’s dimensional-travel economy. He has hired adventuring parties to go to Xendakar and gather some of the precious crystals, with little regard for the local population of blood tribes which refused to do business with a descendant of Lord Pashat. The House of Il-Atrova has established a colony on Xendakar known as Ft. Rakat.

House of Il-Atrova (Eladrin)

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