Keystone Alpha Unit 41 (Codename: Stimulus)

Operation: Loathsome Fletcher
Who tried to kill Legana, Princess of Cambling, and why?

Date of Mission start: Jul 23, 380 APC
Team: Stimulus Team
Members: Higgs Boson (Tyler), Karl Schredinger (Gordon), Heisen Acehanger (Fredward), Sethistro Cinderson (Brett)

  • Stimulus Team interviews the King Seyer, King of Cambling under the guise of being members of the Agency of Criminal Insight and Investigations. Seyer explains daughter, Princess Legana was shot with poisoned arrow whilst sitting next to him on throne. Poison should have killed her. She miraculously recovered. He also reports one of the payments for Kuprum’s was attacked. Asks you to look into that as well.
  • Possible suspects include Kuprum (copper dragon who runs mercenary company Mountain Aegis), iron companies in Cladhelm (recently had taxes raised on them), or lesser nobles (had been critical of King Seyer’s decision to pay Kuprum’s company to defend road from marauding bands, and dissolving the local militias). King also notes that his daughter is under a lot of stress and strangely her best friend, Dame Stohla (a lesser noble from Cladhelm and his daughters best friend) has not come to comfort her at all.
  • Party examines arrow and determines poison was witherthorn poison, which is native to the mountains around Cladhelm. Evidence suggests involvement from either the iron companies of Cladhelm, Dame Stohla, or both.
  • Party interviews staff which notes that a servant, who had previously worked for Kuprum, disappeared immediately after the attack. Evidence suggests Kuprum’s involvement.
    *Castle staff notes that Princess Legana has been acting odd lately and spending a lot of time on the archery range. Party investigates. After observing her, party realizes she is a Changeling in disguise. Higgs notes her aim is off, and consistently to the right. Higgs makes the connection that this tendency would implicate that if this Changeling was the would-be assassin, then his true target was the King, and he missed.
  • Party isolates the “Princess” near a stream and question her. Find out she is actually a male Changeling named Nit. Admits to being assassin working for the Lady of Steel, a behind the scenes shaker in Cladhelm who controls the iron companies. Says his mistake pissed the Lady of Steel off and she made him mimic the Princess as punishment. Says now Lady of Steel does not want King killed as someone incompetent would replace him. Claims no knowledge of attack on tribute caravan.
  • Party travels to examine attacked tribute caravan. Tracks suggest five dragonborn attacked but imprints for three of the set of tracks deep enough to have been dragonborn. You determine this was a setup to make it look like rogue dragonborn clan attacked. Furthermore, you find the wounds in the corpses consistent with crossbow arrows entering, but never being removed… despite their being no arrows in the corpses.
  • Party travels to Kuprum’s base. Kuprum is quite disappointed his #1 assistant (a tiefling woman named Bolraza) has not figured out how someone attacked his tribute cart when it’s his company’s job to prevent that from happenning. Offers a reward if you figure it out.
  • Party interview Bolraza and her team. You discover her very unfriendly. She used You find out there are five of them on the team, two of them dragonborn. Consistent with the tracks. You discover Bolraza uses a Force Crossbow, which doesn’t fire actual bolts but immaterial “force bolts” that would match the wounds on the corpses.
  • Party sets up raid at the burried tribut money. You kill Bolraza and bring her head, the tribute money and evidense back to Kuprum. He is angry because this hurts his business but he pays your reward.
  • Party heads to Cladhelm to figure out Lady of Steel mystery. Karl finds factory boss who knows info, spills location of Lady of Steel base. Makes the implication that Lady Stohla herself is Lady of Steel. Doesn’t match with the well over 100 year history Lady of Steel has with Cladhelm.
  • Karl finds base. Escapes and brings party back at night. Party fights Changelings in cave but Lady Stohla enters and commands Changelings to stop fighting. Sethistro figures out the Lady of Steel is actually a dragon. Lady Stohla drops disguise and reveals herself to be a steel dragon. A voice in another room tells Stohla it’s okay and she exits. Princess Legana reveals herself.
  • Princess Legana explains they purposely used the Changeling they knew would miss. This would get King Seyer on warpath. Payed Bolraza to defect from Kuprum and make it look like he attacked. While Princess recovered from poison, Changeling Nit would act in her steed. If party returns to King and tells him that Bolraza behind everything, makes Kuprum’s mercenary band look untrustworthy and incompetent at same time. This would lead king to reinstitute militias and he could lower taxes on iron companies (the thing the Lady of Steel cares most about as it cut into profits) since he’d no longer be paying Kuprum’s very high tribute.
  • Since the attempt on her life was the Princess’s own idea, Stimulus Team decides to go along with the Princess’s plan and tells King Seyer that it was Bolraza who was behind the assassination attempt. They mention nothing of the Lady of Steel. Lady of Steel pays them to keep their mouth shut, correctly infers that they work for Keystone, tells them to say hi to Sentry, and lets them know she will assist them if they request it and it isn’t too onerous.

Operation closed Jul 30, 380 APC


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